If you're looking for more ways to support our aging community, our Silver Love Shop has some great products curated by local artists and businesses in Duluth, MN, and surrounding communities, plus a portion of the proceeds goes to helping organizations that support seniors in the area. 

Your Support Helps Make a Meaningful Difference for Seniors in the Community

With your support, we can help raise money for local organizations we've partnered with that support seniors by donating a portion of the proceeds from our online shop to organizations like Age Well Arrowhead, Zeitgeist, Mentor North, and Family Freedom Center. Plus, by choosing to support seniors in our community, you also get to support the featured and talented artists that are also a part of our community, including: The Little Green Bean, Lake Superior Art Glass, and Riverside Soy Candles

About Duluth Aging Support

Duluth Aging Support (DAS) exists because we care about our elders and their caregivers. The aging experience is different for everyone. We want to do our part to make growing older a positive experience full of joy and meaning. DAS seeks to support the senior community of Duluth as a connector, resource provider, and micro-funder and collaborative partner to aging service providers and other nonprofit organizations that impact seniors.